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Bringing you and your friends together in real life

Live feed of events

Private groups and invitations

Your events are shared with your group, privately

It's Awesome

Real-time event information

Promo shows users upcoming events that they or their friends can attend 

List your app features and all the details that make it stand out

Share and view your friends' pictures, status updates, and ideas.

Sponsored events are for those that want their event to show up on a local map within the app

Organise Events Easily


Event Feed

Public events are open to anyone. Private events are only open to those invited.


Public & Private

Promo is an event-oriented application that will help you plan a long walk on the beach, attend your friend's talk about his philosophy on life, and join a party where you could meet your special someone. 

Events Around You



"This app has made event management a breeze. I don't have to worry about marketing my event because this app organized it."

"Event organization made super easy."

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