See What's Going On Around You

The first application which frees you from just "posting" your way through the rest of your life and allows you to actually live it. That is why our app is about bringing you and your friends together in real life, not just on a screen. Promo is an event-oriented application which will help you plan that long walk on the beach, attend the talk your friend is giving about his philosophy on life, and join the party where you could meet your special someone. It is these events we don't want to just see pictures of or statuses about - these are events we want to have first hand memories of.


There's no denying it: social media is an excellent way to see and connect with your friends. At any moment, you can use mobile applications on the fly to share and view your friends' pictures, status updates, and ideas.

Public & Private

Public events are open to anyone. Suppose you follow a friend who is in a band – they might make a public event for their next jam session. Because you follow your friend, this event would appear in your feed. If you decide to go to the jam session, anyone following you would then be able to see the event in their own feed.

Private events are only open to those invited. Suppose you follow a friend who is a football player. He may be invited to a football team dinner and decide to go. However, because the event is private, you won't see the event in your feed unless you are invited.


Sponsored events are for those that want their event to show up on a local map within the app. Say a bar or club that's looking to get the word out about a special evening event.

Event Feed

Upon logging in, Promo shows users upcoming events that they or their friends can attend on an "event feed," which is the heart of our application. This feed is filled with public, private, or personal events created by users who will most likely be people you are friends with or people you are interested in hanging out with in real life.

Get Started

So what's next? Download our app, create and coordinate an event or activity with friends, and get back to hanging out in real life.